echelon "Imaginative and intuitive. . . . Conviser mines and mints a non-stop stream of visual images."
   —Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files

"Packing a punch. . . . Conviser's debut makes deft use of technological issues and developments."

"A terrifying glimpse into the future. Jam-packed with intrigue, terror and suspense. Conviser is a writer to watch."
   —Allan Folsom, author of The Day After Tomorrow

"This fast-paced infotech thriller takes your breath away, both with the speed at which events unfold, and the sheer imagination of the author. . . . Ryan Laing is the 21st-century James Bond."
   —Frederick P. Hitz, former inspector general of the CIA and author of The Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage

"[A] fast-paced hurtle through a near-future dystopia, in the William Gibson mold—and not so far-fetched as you'd think."
   —Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Chatter: Dispatches from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping

"Echelon takes the spy thriller to an almost metaphysical level, exploring what happens when government 'intelligence' becomes 'omniscience.' With simple but evocative language, Josh Conviser brings you into the backroom of 1984 and shows just how it would be done."
   —Gary Goldman, executive producer, Minority Report

"Breathtaking. . . . intensely exciting from the very first page."
   —Laird Koenig, author of The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

"If William Gibson and Tom Clancy teamed up to write a novel, Echelon would be it. Conviser is a brilliant, inventive storyteller."
   —Adam Fawer, author of Improbable

"Unsettling and provocative. Conviser gives us a powerful depiction of intelligence-gathering run wild."
   —Jack McDevitt, author of Seeker

"Saying that Echelon contains non-stop action is an understatement. This novel has action layered atop action. By chapter three, Conviser's story has already presented us with at least one world-changing event. So Echelon is never dull, but even better, the action makes sense, given this creatively imagined future, a fast-paced, high-tech society that looks like today's society on amphetamines. . . . The humor, memorable characters, and our own growing uncertainties about the future make reading this book an entertaining and thought-provoking experience."
   —Nick Capo,

"[A] compelling action-packed story line starring a wonderful hero. . ."
   —Harriet Klausner

"If you like novels where a character is set against insurmountable odds amidst twisting conspiracies, similar to the Bourne, Bond and Ethan Hunt series, ECHELON might be great read for you."
   —Sean Books, Jive Magazine

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